Many yoga studios around the world have reopened or are planning to reopen for in-person yoga classes. We aren’t (yet).

At MamaSpace Yoga we serve a particular population – pregnant and postpartum people. It’s obvious to me that we can’t yet know what any long-term (or short term) effects of COVID-19 infection in the first trimester of pregnancy would be. People who have contracted this disease in the first trimester and who will have carried to term have not yet given birth.

We are only about six months into this pandemic.

It will take more than nine months after the first appearance of this novel virus for any of us to begin to understand the true effects in pregnancy and beyond. This is especially true given the lack of testing – especially early on. We don’t really know who’s had the disease during pregnancy. We don’t know what the effects might be depending on when during pregnancy the disease is contracted. We don’t know what the long term effects might be for the children whose mothers had the disease during pregnancy. We will need time and robust numbers from lots of people enrolled in research studies to really begin to know these things.

What we know for sure so far is that we catch this disease from each other. We also know that early data says pregnant people who contract COVID-19 are more likely to experience premature births have more lingering effects post infection. We know that if we socially distance, we can limit disease transmission. Therefore, we at MamaSpace Yoga, are proud to have made the decision On March 15th, 2020  to close our doors and provide online prenatal and postpartum yoga classes to our community. Stay safe out there.


Carol Gray, LMT, CST, RPYT, ERYT-200
MamaSpace Yoga Founder & Owner


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