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Are you preparing to welcome a baby? Are you thinking that you may want to become pregnant sometime in the future? Do you wonder if it will be quick and easy or take a long time – when the time comes? Are you actively trying to conceive? Are you taking the first tentative steps? Are you in full-on conception mode? Have you experienced discouragement or disappointment? Are you considering medical fertility treatments? Are you in the midst of medical fertility treatments? We welcome you. We have preconception yoga videos waiting for you – to help you along your way. We’re honored to be here for you wherever you are. We are here for you in Vancouver, Boston, Minneapolis, Pretoria, Dublin, and Dallas. We’re everywhere! We’re online!

Preconception Yoga Is A Lot Like – and Nothing Like – Other Yoga Classes

Fertility yoga classes are special. Really special. When we teach them in-person there’s a connection among the students that is often unspoken, but always present in the room. We still feel it – even when we’re teaching online. Some of our fertility yoga videos are a lot like yoga classes you have taken alongside people who are not trying to prepare themselves for pregnancy. After all, everyone can benefit from movement, meditation and breathwork, right? Some of our other fertility yoga videos are distinctly unlike any yoga class you have ever taken. They are specifically designed to enhance your reproductive organ health. They help promote better blood flow, improved nerve conduction and increased tissue mobility in your abdomen and pelvis. By the way, we’re all about emotional health, too. We’re here to talk you off the ledge when you’re maxed out on stress. We know that you may need extra support during your preconception journey. Yoga means union – in this case – union of body and mind.

Our fertility yoga videos are specifically created to promote fertility and prepare people for pregnancy physically, emotionally, energetically and spiritually. Welcome to MamaSpace Yoga!

Try Fertility Yoga

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