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Pregnant people need their own special yoga classes. One of our students said it best, “This is a place just for us!”. We are here for you, ready to meet you wherever you are in your pregnancy – even if you’re on the couch and nauseated or too tired to climb a flight of stairs (our in-person studio is on the 3rd floor). We are here for you in Seattle, New York, London, Sydney, Toronto, and Omaha. We’re everywhere! We’re online!

We Are Prenatal Yoga Experts

There’s a lot more to prenatal yoga than no belly-down poses. We know that. We’re experts. Our high-quality prenatal yoga videos are specialized. We help you and your baby (or babies if you’re carrying more than one) navigate the ups and downs of pregnancy as you prepare for birth and beyond. We are the optimal fetal positioning Experts.

What’s The Ideal Yoga Class Length and Type for You?

The answer to that question is different for each person in any given moment. We love the freedom that comes with providing such a huge variety of prenatal yoga class lengths and types simultaneously all in one place. As teachers, we especially love teaching classes that end up being as long or as short as we feel like making them. We love teaching whatever we are passionate about in the moment. We also love that you get to choose the class length and type that YOU want to take. In the studio, when we teach in-person classes, the classes are all 60-90 minutes long. We always give modifications to accommodate people who are at a variety of fitness levels and who are at various stages of pregnancy. If people don’t want to do an hour or more of yoga practice, the class lasts an hour or more anyway. Of course, we encourage people to rest as much as needed – and they do. But the class still last 60-90 minutes. At home, it can be anything.

We also know that not everyone loves being on display while exercising during pregnancy. We understand. There is something nice about not having to worry about a messy hairdo or a hole in your yoga pants that’s in an unfortunate location. Your dog or your other children may be the only ones who see these things. Of course, they love you anyway. We do, too.


Early pregnancy can be an especially challenging time for people. In the studio it’s more common for people to come to their first prenatal yoga class after the first trimester. Some people feel well in the first trimester, but stay away from in-person studio classes until they have publicly disclosed their pregnancies. At MamaSpace Yoga you can participate in our prenatal yoga classes in the privacy of your own home. If you’re not feeling well, it can be tricky to get out of the house, congregate with other people and move your body when you’re feeling extra tired and nauseated. One of the beautiful parts of online home yoga practice is that you can start and stop the video whenever you like. We have shorter classes and deeply restorative practices that are just right for you if you’re having a challenging first trimester. We even have videos specifically for digestive health that can help alleviate some of those yucky nausea symptoms.

Second Trimester Yoga

This is the golden phase of most pregnancies. It’s a time of contentment and relative well-being (usually). Second trimester is when the people who have been debilitated in first trimester begin to show up for yoga classes again. We have always been amazed at how strong people can get in second trimester and especially how fast they can do it. It’s for sure one of the amazing super powers of pregnancy! We have great online prenatal yoga classes for people who want a challenging, strength-building practice. We also have pranayama (breath work), meditation and restorative videos for when you want to dial it down. Many of our prenatal yoga videos have a little of both. Remember, yoga is about unifying mind and body. It’s for all parts of you.

Third Trimester Yoga

All of our classes qualify as birth preparation. When we started to get regular feedback from people who said they heard our voices when they were in labor, we realized that we had tapped into something intimate and ancient. We also realized that we have a critically important responsibility to provide authentic tools for labor and beyond. People told us that they remembered things from their yoga classes that helped them get through a hard part of labor. They told us that they credited their prenatal yoga classes with easier births. People described the positions in which they gave birth in terms of yoga poses we had practiced in class. One student said, “I gave birth in child’s pose only my husband was the bolster”. Another told us, “I gave birth in side-lying Malasana”. We take seriously our responsibility to help you prepare for birth. We are the Optimal Fetal Positioning experts. We are here to help you gain confidence for what lies ahead.

We Love The Variety Pack

We bring you the best varieties of prenatal yoga videos. We have hatha-inspired videos, restorative videos and also Khalsa Way kundalini-lineage videos. Some of our classes are Iyengar-based and encourage the use of props to help you deepen your practice. Others are vinyasa or flow-based classes that tie each breath to a movement. We’re creative at MamaSpace Yoga. Many of our videos are unique hybrids of the various prenatal yoga styles. We have pranayama plus meditation and guided imagery videos – all especially created for pregnant people and their babies.

At MamaSpace Yoga we are proud to be an online prenatal yoga studio devoted to the needs of growing families. We welcome you!

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