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Fertility Yoga

WE ARE HERE FOR YOU – FOR YOUR FERTILITY JOURNEY Are you preparing to welcome a baby? Are you thinking that you may want to become pregnant sometime in the future? Do you wonder if it will be quick and easy or take a long time – when the time comes? Are you actively trying to conceive? Are you taking the first tentative steps? Are you in full-on conception mode?

Pregnant People Practicing Prenatal Yoga at MamaSpace YogaYoga

Prenatal Yoga

WE ARE HERE FOR YOU – FOR YOUR WHOLE PREGNANCY Pregnant people need their own special yoga classes. One of our students said it best, “This is a place just for us!”. We are here for you, ready to meet you wherever you are in your pregnancy – even if you’re on the couch and nauseated or too tired to climb a flight of stairs (our in-person studio is on

New Mother Practices Online Postpartum Yoga With Her Baby at MamaSpace Yoga

Postpartum Yoga

WE ARE STILL HERE FOR YOU – AFTER YOU GIVE BIRTH Just like we were during your pregnancy, we are still here for you with online postpartum yoga classes. We are here to remind you that your yoga mat is waiting. We are here to help you remember that even if you feel too tired to practice a mere 15 minutes of postpartum yoga, that 15 minutes of postpartum yoga

Carol Gray Observes Her Pregnant Students in Class at MamaSpace Yoga

Free Videos

Your First Three Days Are FREE! One Day Pass $10 – One Week Pass $20 – One Month Pass $40 – Three Month Pass $100 Members get unlimited access to 120+ High-Quality fertility, prenatal and postpartum yoga videos!

Carol Gray Helps Her Students With Child's Pose at MamaSpace Yoga

Our Story

MY BIRTH STORIES I didn’t take prenatal yoga classes during my first pregnancy in 1973. My baby was occiput posterior. I had a six-hour labor (fast – considering my status as a first-timer and my baby’s less-than-ideal position). The birth was hard on both of us, though. Very hard. I breastfed him for a year (an amazing thing in the 70’s). The first three months of breastfeeding were incredibly painful

We Love Props at MamaSpace Yoga

Props We Love

We absolutely love yoga props! They are essential for safe and comfortable practice. Good props are something you should buy once. They will last many, many years. You’ll continue use them in your yoga practice beyond the perinatal period. As you gain more experience and expertise you will find that you use them more, not less. They aren’t like training wheels meant to be shed when you get “good” at


Would you like in-person one-on-one yoga instruction in Portland Oregon or virtual one-on-one yoga instruction anywhere? Carol Gray is currently offering private in-person and virtual yoga instruction for pregnant and pre-pregnant people. Schedule an Appointment Here.