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Props We Love

We absolutely love props. They are essential for safe and comfortable prenatal yoga practice. Good props are something you should buy once. They will last many, many years. You’ll continue use them in your practice beyond the perinatal period. As you gain more experience and expertise you will find that you use them more, not less. They aren’t like training wheels meant to be shed when you get “good” at

Prenatal Yoga Teacher Training

BIPOC Prenatal Yoga Teacher Training Scholarship MamaSpace Yoga recognizes that historical systems of oppression have denied access to vital maternity care and support to certain individuals. This has caused worse outcomes for those birthing parents and their babies. We believe that one way to foster change is to invest in those who are best positioned to provide the culturally-relevant services (in this case, yoga) to those whose lives are unfairly

Birth Stories

Our pregnancy was very easeful and very healthy. We moved to Portland in February and his due date was April 20th. I felt so happy and blessed to have found MamaSpace Yoga, not only because I enjoyed the classes so much, but everyone was so caring, open to share and the sense of community was so wonderful. On our week 37th check up at our birthing center I was diagnosed


Join us for yoga in the comfort of your own home. We bring the highest quality prenatal and postpartum yoga classes to you – any time, any place. Our classes are on demand. There is no schedule.

Any time in life is a good time to start yoga, including during pregnancy and postpartum. MamaSpace Yoga classes are suitable for people in all stages of pregnancy, all fitness levels and all yoga practitioner levels – including advanced practitioners and absolute beginners.

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