Lina’s Birth Story

Our pregnancy was very easeful and very healthy. We moved to Portland in February and his due date was April 20th. I felt so happy and blessed to have found MamaSpace Yoga, not only because I enjoyed the classes so much, but everyone was so caring, open to share and the sense of community was so wonderful.

On our week 37th check up at our birthing center I was diagnosed with Preeclampsia. My blood pressure was through the roof, so we were sent straight to the hospital (to be induced). By the time we arrived to the hospital, my blood pressure was even higher and my platelets were super low – I think around 60 and should have been 300, and I was diagnosed with Hellp syndrome. So, by 7pm that same day I was in the surgery room because I was getting a full anesthesia c-section,  the doctor felt it was too risky (threatening) to have an induction or even an epidural for a c-section and needed to take the sick-placenta and our little baby Teo out asap. He was born small and light but super healthy and we’re both doing so well.

It was all super scary and happened so quickly, and no matter how your pregnancy goes, there’s really no way to know exactly how delivery will happen, unless you have a planned c-section, of course…

My advice to all the mamas our there is, be open wholeheartedly to anything happening, you might end up having your dream delivery or not, but in the end, all that matters is that in no-time, you’ll be holding your beautiful and healthy baby in your arms. And I wouldn’t change that for anything.