Postpartum Yoga

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Just like we were during your pregnancy, we are still here for you with online postpartum yoga classes. We are here to remind you that your yoga mat is waiting. We are here to help you remember that even if you feel too tired to practice a mere 15 minutes of postpartum yoga, that 15 minutes of postpartum yoga will help restore your energy. It really does work. We are here for you in Los Angeles, Chicago, Ottawa, Perth, Atlanta and Salt Lake City. We’re everywhere! We’re online!

Fourth Trimester Yoga

Our postpartum yoga videos are designed so that they can be started and stopped. After your baby arrives, your practice may be much different than it was before. It may be a few minutes here and there. Your MamaSpace Yoga membership gives you unlimited access to all of our videos so you can practice at your own pace, whenever you have a moment to yourself. Most people have less uninterrupted time once a baby arrives. Our postpartum yoga videos are a little shorter for that reason.

When and How to Begin

Our postpartum yoga videos are especially crafted for people who are at least 40 days post birth. Some people feel ready to begin (or return to) a yoga practice by then, others don’t. You may be recovering from a surgical birth, injury to your pelvic floor or diastasis recti (a separation of your rectus abdominus muscles). You may be sleep deprived. You may have aches and pains left-over from late pregnancy or the birth process. You may have new discomforts associated with the physical demands of caring for your newborn. Our advice is to start slow, but start. Do a little every day. Take your yoga practice re-entry in small doses. Listen to your body.

Reconnect With Yourself

You have been re-born as a new person with a baby in your arms. A postpartum yoga practice can help you discover who that new person – the new you – is. Even if you have more than one child, there is always a postpartum process of shedding the old to make way for the new person that emerges. It happens every time. We will guide you as you re-connect to your body after pregnancy. Yoga means union – of mind and body.  P.S. We also have meditation, guided imagery and pranayama (breath work) videos for those times you just need a break.

We have the best selection of online postpartum yoga videos – just for you. Welcome back to MamaSpace Yoga! We are honored to serve you!

Try Postpartum Yoga

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