A Fast Birth

A Fast Birth - A MamaSpace Yoga Birth StoryWednesday (10/25) the midwife said her head was engaged. They didn’t do any cervical checks during routine prenatal visits at the birth center so I didn’t know if I was dilated at all yet.

Friday I had a fun day with a friend. Came home and listened to one of my relaxation recordings from hypnobirthing and took a 90 min nap.

Ate dinner then worked on my knitting. Was having trouble focusing from what I thought was early contractions but didn’t tell my husband because I knew that could go on for days.

Around 10 I suggested we get to bed.

I could not focus on the novel I was reading. Decided to start timing contractions from 10:23 pm because they felt really close together. They were coming every 2-3 mins and lasting at least a minute already.

We called the midwife at 10:45. She suggested I take a shower or bath and see if things kept up as they were. They did. We called her back around 11:30 as things were getting more intense and she told us to meet her at the birth center.

We called my friend/doula to meet us. Called the parents. Left just before midnight. Took about 20 minutes (of hell – being strapped into a car in labor is the worst) to get there.

Midwife met us at the door around 12:30. When she checked me I was already 7 cm (!!) and my water hadn’t broken yet. I had another three hours of intensity, including some time in the tub, standing, on the bed, and ultimately hands and knees on the floor where I pushed baby out at 3:32 A.M.! Didn’t need forceful or directed pushing. Just listened to my body and went with it. Was kind of like the urge to vomit. But x1000000.

Staring at my husband during contractions helped keep me focused. I yelled the F word a lot. I didn’t let it bother me that pushing can also mean pooping. My support people were amazing.

Baby was in great shape right away. They waited to have dad cut the cord until it was done pulsating. Placenta came no problem. I tore a bit so the midwife sewed me up while I was holding baby.

They fed me a snack and tucked us all in for a nap around 5:30. We snoozed with baby swaddled safely between us. Woke around 8:30 and ordered more food. Had vitals checked and went over discharge instructions and got baby diapered, dressed and in the car seat. We left the birth center at 12:30. Just 12 hours there total!