Nugget’s Birth

Nugget's Birth - a Birt Story at MamaSpace YogaDearest Carol,
Thank you for your blessings and teachings! Our nugget arrived 2 weeks early. 2 days before labor baby was positioned transverse! :/ Dr wanted to manually reposition baby but baby had other plans. Everyone told me not to worry because we still have time. However, we learned later we really don’t.  Thanks to you I applied the cat/cow pose during my contractions. Baby’s head dropped to the correct position. 🙂 See belly photo attached. I was admitted 6cm, baby arrived at 6pm and weighed 6 lbs. Baby arrived on 4/4 total 4hrs at the hospital.  In addition to my hypnobirth breathings, I remembered how you told me to breath towards the baby and breath out the pain…. when I can no longer think straight due to all the intense contractions I remembered and took those breaths because it was soo easy. I am grateful for you and your class:)

M.P. & BEBE A.P.