Making Room For Babies

I just thought you’d be interested  to hear that after prenatal yoga on Sunday, our little guy had a very active night of movements. I could feel his little hand down by his head keep moving and it felt like he was trying to turn around. Then on Monday, my husband and I were feeling my belly to see where baby was and I thought I felt the spine along my left side but wasn’t sure about his placement. Today at my midwifery appointment, she confirmed that little guy is no longer posterior and now has his back along my left side with legs over on the right.

I really feel like the prenatal classes have been so beneficial in encouraging baby to keep moving into all sorts of good positions and having space to do so. Just thought I’d report our progress and a big thank you for the body awareness and movement that’s been added to my pregnancy by being a part of your classes.

This little guy also turned head down while I was driving home following a yoga class at 27 weeks, so I wouldn’t be surprised if a yoga class also helps labor begin at some point this month.

– Thea