Finn’s Birth

Finn Isaac entered our lives on February 3, 2018, weighing 7 lb 10 oz. His birth was fast and furious after many days of waiting: 4 hours from the start of counting contractions to when he was placed on my chest. Faster than what this first-time mama expected, but I had been in early labor with very little discomfort for the 2+ weeks leading up to his birth. I am thankful for having an active pregnancy that allowed me to birth this busy baby. My midwife arrived at our house and found me lunging with one leg propped on the side of the bathtub with each contraction, despite no labor stall in sight! This baby chose to come down the skeleton track (sans helmet!) giving us a bit of scare. His heartrate dipped after my waters broke, so we decided that the safest place to give birth would be the hospital. After arriving at the hospital, I gave birth within 10 minutes in a side-lying squat position with 4 mighty pushes (channeling all the strength I’ve ever gathered). Keep having your class do their bridge poses at the end of class, I had to transfer between beds multiple times during the course of birth and following and was able to lift my bottom in bridge pose each time when asked. Everyone is healthy and we were able to come home within 24 hours of birth, where we’ve been cozily tucked in together. Finn is a marvelous baby and we are so thankful to be his parents. We feel like we had a successful home birth experience that included a medically appropriate hospital transfer, allowing me to safely have a vaginal birth to a beautifully perfect baby.