Caroline’s Birth Story

I’m new to Portland and don’t have much of a support network here. I saw Carol’s website and thought I’d give it a go! I’ve spoken to some people since that said they were skeptical about how good it would be because it was free…I had a bit of that but not enough to stop me going and boy am I glad that I went. It was my little oasis during the pregnancy, a place of being with other pregnant ladies, sharing our needs and desires at different stages of the pregnancy supported by a lady that I can only speak of as a mama-guru, she imparts knowledge, support and calm in each of her sessions. I’d come away feeling like I’d had a day in a spa while knowing I had done some good work to prep me for labor.

When my labor did happen it took the four words Carol spoke of us needing and put it to the test!!!Fear, doubt, determination and love. I had a baby that was sunny side up and low for a while before delivery and she seemed happy to stay that way!!So my aims towards the end of my yoga sessions were about making as much space for her to do her thing as possible.

In the end we had a 60 hour labor including 5 hours pushing. I felt great up until the very end though-I was using my yoga positions and to the amazement of the nurses was strong enough to cat cow with an epidural. Ive a petite frame weighing 110lbs pre pregnancy but delivered a baby that was close to 8lbs in the op (sunny side up) position with brow as presenting part… I somehow came away with first degree tears. The doctors and nurses were behaving like this was a great feat, but to be honest after all the work with Carol I felt strong and able…it didn’t feel that way. We initially got a fright with a stunned baby but thankfully she seems to be doing very well now.

I can’t recommend this enough, nor can I thank Carol enough for all of those days where I came to yoga and was greeted in such a friendly mama-loving environment and given the instruction and freedom to safely explore what felt best for me and my body at that time-learning to tune in to my own body (not just follow an instructor’s pattern) and to safely stretch and strengthen.

With great love and appreciation,
Caroline, Conor and baby Saoirse