If Your Baby Seems Stuck

I tell every pregnant woman in my circle about MamaSpace Yoga. Carol provides an invaluable gift to women and their babies! I attended classes throughout my pregnancy, which was blessedly uncomplicated. I was even at class at 41 weeks! When the time came for my little one to enter this world, I felt so strong and capable. I labored in several poses Carol had us practice, especially standing which was such a surprise to me after my first birth experience. Towards the end, I heard my midwives say the baby was stressed by being squeezed, and without really thinking about it, I moved into a pose Carol often began with, “If your baby seems stuck…” Two contractions later, and my son was in my arms. They told me he shot right out in that lunge! Later, I realized he was born in the exact spot I lay my mat at home on my living room floor. I am forever grateful for the gift of Carol’s wisdom, as it allowed me the opportunity to birth my baby at home in the most loving and strong way. Thank you Carol for giving all women, regardless their economic means, the opportunity to grow and birth their babies with the power of yoga. You may share any and all of this story as you like.