Dreaming in the Darkness of Night: Harvesting the Power of Solstice

A photo of snow and bare trees at the winter solsticeBy Guest Blogger, Julisa Golden

The Shortest Day and Longest Night

When the sun enters Capricorn today, it marks the completion of our descent into winter in the Northern Hemisphere. It’s a turning point as the days will start getting longer. It represents a time of hope and renewal with the promise of the sun’s return.


The traditional holiday, also known as Yule or Yuletide, is where we draw many of our December customs. Decorating evergreen trees represents the triumph of life over death. Wreaths represent the Wheel of the Year and the continuous nature of all cycles and seasons. The burning of the Yule log even retains the holiday’s original name, with the fire representing the return of the sun. The lighting of candles reflects this as well, along with joy and blessings.

Time to Recharge

Just like the new moon or the menstruation phase in our monthly cycles, this time of reduced light and energy is best for recharge. Utilize the quiet of winter by making time for stillness. Tune into your intuition to bring clarity to whatever you desire to create in your life. This is a time to dream in the darkness of night. The world around us is hibernating in preparation for spring. Conserve your energy so that you, too, are ready to bloom when the time comes.

False Summer

Our Western culture tends to avoid the energy of winter and the desire to rest. I’ll admit I avoided winter for a long time, choosing to create a false summer by staying busy and never slowing down. Honestly, I was afraid of what I might feel in the quiet. I would be faced with my own grief and pain. The trouble is, if you shut out the pain then you also shut out the pleasure. So I ended up numb and isolated, unable to experience real connection. It wasn’t until I started to see the power in allowing myself to feel, that things started to shift.

The New Year

This turning point marks the true new year to me. The sun is reborn and begins its growing phase again, just as the new moon does each month. With it being in the sign of Capricorn, it’s a great time to set intentions for the year. This earth sign is all about practical steps toward the long-term vision, and slow and steady progress toward your goals. It makes sense that we set New Year’s resolutions during this season!

A Simple Ritual for the Winter Solstice:

  • Begin by reflecting on the past year and celebrating how much you’ve done.
  • Make a list of highlights.
  • Use your list of highlights to propel you into setting your intentions for the coming year.
  • You can even take it a step further and create a vision board with images of both your highlights and future desires.

About Julisa Golden

Dreaming in the Darkness of Night By Julisa Golden at MamaSpace Yoga

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