We Love Advanced Practitioners and Absolute Beginners

Carol Gray leads a group of pregnant students in a goddess squat pose in a prenatal yoga class at MamaSpace Yoga.All of our classes are suitable for all levels. We give cues during class to help you dial it up or down depending on how you’re feeling. We know that our students practice yoga at all levels. We know that as your yoga practice grows during pregnancy, you will get stronger. We also know that as you near the end of your pregnancy, you may start to slow down some. It’s inevitable. As you resume your yoga practice postpartum, you may start somewhere near the beginning — again. If you have ever practiced yoga you will discover that you always have some yoga in the bank. Your body remembers. Things change fast. Pregnant people can get stronger fast. Postpartum people can get strong again quickly, too. We want you to have the tools to modify your practice as you go.