Online Postpartum Yoga Classes

A new mother and her baby are practicing postpartum yoga at MamaSpace Yoga.We’re still here for you after you have your baby. Online postpartum yoga classes are a little shorter. We know you only have a few moments to yourself here and there in the early months after having a baby. We — and you — also love that with on-demand yoga videos you can always hit pause and come back later. Little bits of yoga sprinkled  throughout your day is actually a  healthy way to practice. When we  go to an in-person studio we get used to that walk-in-the-door-and-stay-for-an-hour-or-more-until-it’s-over format. There’s nothing really magic about it. It’s just the most efficient way to move students in and out of an in-person studio. We are completely on your (your baby’s) schedule!