Tania Storm

Tania’s Prenatal Yoga Classes are Coming Soon!

What is yoga to you? What’s your experience with the practice? What’s your relationship with yoga?  

Yoga is so personal, isn’t it.

Yoga is an unfathomably deep science, a doorway to dimensions within and a dialog with the entire cosmos. Yoga’s ability to transform on many levels and to connect the practitioner with the cosmos is a gift of tremendous possibility.

By transform I mean to shapeshift the body so that the femurs are grounded and the breath descends on it’s own, making more space in the body for breath and movement. When that happens, we can travel deeper into an asana. The stride becomes fluid and connected to earth. The energetic and subtle body flex and blossom. Over time, when we are ripe, we are naturally called to deeper explorations. 

The deep side of yoga that’s fascinated me from day one includes breathwork, pranayama, and the science of yoga that is inseparable from nature and the elements. 

I took my first yoga class over 19 years ago. Eighteen years ago I completed my first teacher training. I’ve taught yoga for 11 years and lead teacher trainings for 10 years. I’ve also taught Tai Chi, Qi Gong, meditation, and breathwork. It has always been an honor to hold space for people while they practice and cultivate a relationship with yoga, themselves, and the entire cosmos.