Prenatal Qigong With Michelle Yan

Qigong is the cultivation of one’s Qi (vital energy or life force) in the body. Classical Chinese medicine believes that Qi is the life force that nourishes, replenishes and connects everything in the universe. The practice of Qigong helps one cultivate awareness of this life force as it circulates in our body. In prenatal qigong, one will deepen one’s understanding and awareness of how Qi moves differently as it nourishes our pregnant body and creates the baby’s body.

These forms are created specially for pregnant women with a focus on acupuncture points, channels and organ networks that are specific to building Qi and Blood during pregnancy. This knowledge will provide a new framework to understanding the changes in one’s body, and enhance one’s capacity for connecting to the baby, labor and lactation.

Michelle will also incorporate some spiritual belly dance vocabulary of the circle, the spiral, the figure of eight, and the hands, arms and chest in the practice. She studied spiritual bellydance with Dunya Mcpherson in New York. Bellydance is known as one of the oldest art forms created for the women’s body and is especially helpful for pregnancy and birth.

Through her years of meditation qigong and belly dance training, Michelle is aware of how the Qi moves in the body and how it is different during pregnancy.

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