Khalsa Way Prenatal Yoga With Wah Khalsa

Khalsa Way prenatal yoga is designed to support you and your baby mentally, spiritually and physically throughout your pregnancy, birth and the first three years of life. It is empowering, educating and builds communities of likeminded mothers. We know that the child begins their life journey when they enter their mother’s womb. That is why we believe it is so important for women to feel safe, sacred and supported in this very special time.

The Khalsa Way practice is dynamic like Kundalini Yoga but is adapted for pregnancy. The movements and postures are drawn from many lineages of yoga, but the fundamentals, meditations and chants come from the practice of Kundalini. It is a powerful and graceful practice designed for all types of women in pregnancy. It is playful and prayerful and a time to connect with other pregnant women to share the universal and unique experiences of becoming a mother. All classes will be catered to all levels, giving each woman a chance to practice at her own pace.

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