Classes With Michelle Yan

Prenatal Qigong

These classes are created exclusively for pregnant mothers, these exercise forms focus on the cultivation of a woman’s Qi (vital life force) during pregnancy. Learn how your Qi flows differently, enhance your capacity to connect with your body and the baby (or babies), build strength, focus and grace in preparation for labor and lactation.

About Michelle

I grew up in Singapore and have been familiar with the practice of qigong since I was 4 years old when I went to the beach and did qigong with my grandmother every morning.

At the age of 19 I started a daily meditation practice and have been practicing various qigong forms for the last decade. The most recent form I studied was the Jinjing Yijing Gong (Tighten Tendon qigong) under the tutelage of the current lineage holders Dr. Heiner Fruehauf and Master Wang Qingyun in Chengdu, China. This qigong form was taught to the Chinese medicine practitioners in my school and leads to a medical qigong certification. This form helps strengthen muscles and tendons which is beneficial for overall health maintenance and and boosts the qi for spleen and liver.

I am an Oregon Medical Board and NCCAOM certified doctor in oriental medicine. (DSOM, LAc). I am bilingual in Mandarin and English, and my training is in the reading and interpretation of classical Chinese medical texts, which has a huge library of information on the study of nurturing the fetus and mother (incorporating herbal formulas, qigong practices, dietary advice on each month of pregnancy and post-partum).

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