Workshops With Tanya Woods

Birth and Postpartum Workshops


NOVEMBER 9th 1:00 – 5:00

Birth and postpartum workshop is designed to empower both birth partner and laboring mother through trust of the natural process of labor. This workshop includes how your partner can support you through labor and during the postpartum transition. In this workshop you will learn new massage techniques, acupressure points for pain, and be educated on essential oils that are helpful during labor and postpartum. Partners will also be given tools to support the birthing mother if she doesn’t want to be touched at all. There will be a handbook given in the workshop with all the info to practice at home in preparation for labor.

The postpartum section of the class offers new ways to support yourself and partner, while caring for a new baby, including massage, meditation, pranayama (breathing techniques) a short section of yoga, and essential oils. Come prepared with comfortable clothes, one towel, an open mind and heart.


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