Workshops With Marissa Diebolt

Innate Postpartum Care: The Essentials of Postpartum Healing
This is an introductory discussion intended for expecting parents to explore what can be done to prepare for a Fourth Trimester of nourishment and rest, utilizing examples from traditions passed down for generations. Let’s encourage each other to trust in our support teams and not be afraid to be specific about what we need, following our intuition every step of the way. Families-your support people are welcome to join in on this conversation, too! After all, this precious time is unlike any other moment in one’s life, and it is our birthright to receive the healing and care we deserve. Learn More…

Postpartum Care For Family Wellness: Rooted in Revitalized Community Support
New Dates Coming Soon! $250 (Cost includes admission for birthing parent + partner & any additional support people may attend for FREE. Limited scholarships available upon request.)

This is an in-depth exploration divided into four prenatal discussions and one gathering postpartum. The purpose of this class series is to educate prenatally as a form of postpartum preventative care, and to also be a part of an intimate community of other expecting families working together to birth ourselves anew. Together we are honoring the postpartum window as a sacred time for healing. By doing this work, we are participating in a cultural shift: a returning to what has been forgotten.The Fourth Trimester needs to be tended to with respect by ourselves and those supporting us. You deserve this. Your family deserves this! Let’s be in solidarity to create the postpartum window that can serve us and our families in the most loving and nourishing way possible. Learn More…


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