Visioning Circle for Mothers With Emily Jensen




4 week Series $30
Monday Nights 7:30pm – 9pm

2020 Dates:

January 27th – February 17th


Our identity changes once we become parents. This workshop is an opportunity to reclaim your self within the framework of motherhood. Join us on a four-week journey to attract, embrace and activate your 2020 vision – just for you. This is a chance to unwind, renew, get grounded, and manifest your best life. This series is open to all mothers.

WEEK ONE: REFLECTION  – A time for forgiveness, honoring and releasing. Each person will receive a Reiki healing attunement.
WEEK TWO: CELEBRATION – A time to celebrate the joys and successes of your past season.
WEEK THREE: INTENTION – We’ll use the energy of celebration to move into intention-setting and vision board creation.

WEEK FOUR: MANIFESTATION – Our final week! We seal our visions and intentions and we celebrate. Each person will receive a Reiki healing attunement.

The cost includes supplies for vision boards, tea, golden milk, and light snacks.

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