Stronger After Baby With Liya Leng



The postpartum recovery class
Born from experience and
Backed by science.



Four-Week Workshop Series $99

Tuesdays: April 28, May 5th, May 19th & May 26th – 10:45-12:00 (skip May 12th)

Therapeutic exercise program created and led by Dr. Liya Leng to help you:

  • Regain core strength 
  • Ease neck and back tension
  • Relieve pelvic floor imbalances
  • Learn about he musculoskeletal changes of pregnancy and how to return to balance
  • Check for abdominal separation on yourself
  • Practice the thgree most important moves for keeping your back healthy when you are caring for your baby

*Babies and all caregivers are welcome to attend.

Dr. Leng created this series to help heal from her own experience of pelvic floor pain and abdominal separation after giving birth to her daughter in 2018. This class is designed for women 6 weeks – 6 months postpartum, as well as anyone who is further out from her pregnancy but still experiences neck or back pain, diastasis recti, or pelvic floor issues. The class includes four weekly in-person practices as well as email tips and videos for exercise at home.

This gentle yet highly effective program is based on the Postpartum Corrective Exercise Specialist training by Dr. Sarah Duvall, PT, and the Mamalates postnatal Pilates method by Wendy Foster. Dr. Leng adds to this her own experience as the mom of a 9 months old and her 10 years of insight through teaching yoga.

In order to ensure an intimate class where you will receive individual attention from the teacher,
Enrollment is limited to 12 students.

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Here’s what prior students have said:

“Liya’s class helped me to understand my body mechanics and helped me safely return to exercise after giving birth to my daughter.”
-Melissa, Sports medicine doctor

“I began attending Stronger After Baby around 7 months postpartum. Despite working out a few times a week, I still felt out of control of my body, aware that I had diastasis recti but unsure of whether my exercising was hurting me more than helping me. Liya’s combination of physical therapy and yoga made me feel more confident about modifications while also teaching us great exercises and stretches to target common problems and strains of being a new mom. The classes were both a physical and mental relief.”
-Dayna, Writer

“Liya blended her medical knowledge of body mechanics with her love of teaching. I learned great strategies for strengthening my pelvic floor, improving my posture, and balancing a baby both physically and psychologically!”
-Tara, Psychiatric nurse practitioner

Feel at ease again in your body.
Believe in your own strength.

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