Birth Story Workshop With Carol Gray

Four-hour Workshop

2020 Dates:

Workshop Location:

This workshop is NOT held at the MamaSpace Yoga studio. It is in Portland (3.5 miles from the MamaSpace Yoga studio) in a retreat-like setting. Please remember to update your email address in your profile when you register so we can contact you with the location details.

Complicated Births

This four-hour workshop is for people who have given birth and who—for any reason—want to explore their birth experience. The birth need not be recent for someone to participate.

It Matters

We are told that it doesn’t really matter how we feel about our births as long as we have a good outcome. Yet, we know inside that it does matter, and furthermore, we sometimes don’t have a good outcome and we have feelings about that, too. A Birth Story Workshop is an opportunity to meet with other people in a safe place to explore our deepest feelings about giving birth. We have the opportunity to review and rewrite the stories we tell ourselves about ourselves as parents.

Who Should Attend

This workshop is appropriate for any person who has given birth and is left with a feeling of disappointment, confusion or a diminished self image. Pregnant people who are mired in a past birth experience and ready to move forward toward a new birth with a new baby are also encouraged to attend. We will process our birthing experiences and begin to weave them into the fabric of our lives.

What to Expect

We will use art exploration (this workshop is perfect for people who can’t draw), structured story-telling, guided journaling and ritual to promote self-awareness, stimulate healing and celebrate ourselves as people who have given birth. Bring yourself, your awareness, your fears and your hopes. Bring your willingness to be your own teacher.

Chocolate is one of the foods served at this event.

In order to insure intimacy, space is limited to eight participants.


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