A Spiritual Birth With Emily Jensen

5 week Series $335 per couple
Wednesdays, 6pm – 9pm

2020 Dates:

February 5th – March 4th

March 25th – April 22nd

Join us for a 5-week journey to connect with yourself, your baby and your birth partner. Learn about the spiritual and biological stages of birth. Connect to your intuition. Create your unique birth experience while we explore relaxation and coping techniques, collaborative communication, and choices in childbirth. Together we will build community and strengthen your relationships as you prepare your body, mind and spirit for your birth journey.

Week 1: Embarking

  • Set intentions
  • Get acquainted
  • Begin the journey
  • Stages of labor
  • Signs of labor

Week 2: Entering the Veil

  • Coping strategies
  • Breathing
  • Movement
  • Relaxation
  • Freeing the fear
  • Acceptance.

Week 3: On the Mountain

  • Intuition
  • Communication
  • Positions
  • Meditation

Week 4: The Summoning

  • Collaboration
  • Choices
  • Acceptance
  • Freedom

Week 5: Emergence

  • Transitioning into parenthood
  • Identifying needs
  • Bringing in community/connection
  • Letting go and processing
  • Closing ceremony



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