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We Promote Stress Reduction

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We Offer Classes for People in All Stages of Pregnancy

We Create A Welcoming Place for Pregnant People

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Birth Stories

Dearest Carol, Thank you for your blessings and teachings! Our nugget arrived 2 weeks early. 2 days before labor baby was positioned transverse! :/ Dr wanted to manually reposition baby but baby had other plans. Everyone told me not to worry because we still have time. However, we learned later we really don’t.  Thanks to you I applied the cat/cow pose during my contractions. Baby’s head dropped to the correct

Teacher Training

August 4-14, 2020 – 11 spaces left. The MamaSpace Yoga method is designed to enhance mobility – especially in the structures that support and surround the uterus. Babies need room to grow and move during gestation. When babies have optimal mobility they are less likely to develop conditions like torticollis (and the resultant positional plagiocephaly), hip dysplasia and scoliosis. They are less likely to lodge in the maternal pelvis in

Props We Love

  Solid Color Mexican Blankets are a cotton/synthetic blend – non itchy. We use them many ways.         We LOVE these Manduka cork blocks. They cost a little more and they are totally worth it. They are supportive and they won’t slip.   These bolsters are the BEST!     Get at least an 8′ strap. There’s no downside to it being a little longer than you


MamaSpace Yoga is a Destination!

We are in the Portland Pearl District. We teach more prenatal yoga than anybody. We offer an amazing array of prenatal yoga styles plus other classes and workshops designed to serve growing families and the yoga community.

MamaSpace Yoga is a Method!

The method is all about Making Room for Babies.

MamaSpace Yoga Classes:

  • Provide a welcoming place for pregnant people to connect with each other.
  • Promote stress reduction.
  • Help people feel great during pregnancy.
  • Help prepare people for birth.

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